Building Backlinks

7 Things You Need To Know Before Building Backlinks

Building backlinks is and will always be one of the most talked about subject in SEO.

As you may or may not know, I’m a moderator on one of the most popular internet marketing forums called Webmaster Sun.

Feel free to join us in Webmaster Sun, it’s a great community and I’m enjoying my stay there. I also blog on the forum, yes you can also use the forum blog platform if you want to.

OK enough about that.

But the question I see popping up a lot is about building backlinks. People want to know the safest ways to build backlinks to their websites to avoid getting slapped by Google and other search engines.

The best advise I can give you, is that you should focus on coming up with great quality content that is worth sharing. Rely on organic backlinks either than trying to game the system.

This is the advise I always give to people who ask about building backlinks on the forum. I will get into more detailed strategies in future blog posts about link building.

For now, here is a great infographic that will help you with the SEO FAQ about what is a Backlink and why does it matter for search engines rankings.

Building Backlinks


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